Miniera, the start-up cryptocurrency mining business allegedly located in the former biggest coal mine of the Netherlands in Geleen, seems to be collapsing. Co-founder Christian Petermann has been raided in his home on May 16th by the FIOD for forgery and tax fraud. This was verified and published by a credible local news source of the province Limburg in the Netherlands.

As Christian Petermann does not have the best reputation you could wish for as              co-founder of a multimillion-dollar ICO, questions quickly arose with some curious members from the Neblio community¹, a few weeks before his arrest.

*Neblio is the platform on which Miniera has launched its own tokens ‘MMC’. 125.000.000 tokens were created of which 50.000.000 are aimed to be sold between May 1st and May 31st for 1.50€ each totaling 75.000.000€ in funds.

A few things already didn’t seem to add up. Jordy Willems, Founder of Cryptoscene had come in contact with Bastian in Miniera’s official Telegram channel as they discussed the project. Continuing in private chat and researching the team a bit to see what it’s about, they found out some concerning facts about Christian Petermann.


Magnus, Bastian, and Jordy decided to dig a bit deeper into the project and establish once and for all if Miniera actually is the theme has made it out to be. They started

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