Master of animations?

Then you are in the right place, we want to involve our community, because together we stand tall. Our site is nice, if we say so ourselves, but there’s just this one thing missing. A butter smooth, futuristic looking animated logo. Are you a designer with a vision? Download our logo below and start whenever you are ready. The winner will receive 10.000 SCENE tokens – equal to 100 NEBL. (1500$)

Become a member

With CTS you can get a hold of a membership for our soon to
be produced magazine. Note that in the early stages of Cryptoscene we will only be sending out PDF's to people outside of the Netherlands instead of the actual magazine.

Go on a shopping spree

We might not have anything in stock right now, but that will change once CTS launches on the market. We aim to offer mining and storage equipment in collaboration with a dutch provider. We will also be releasing some flashy merchandise.

Access our mining pool

When you join a mining pool, the rewards of the mined cryptocurrencies are divided between the miners. What makes a pool so interesting are larger chances of solving blocks faster. Therefore, joining one can create a steady flow of income.

Transfer to other cryptocurrencies

We are working together with one of the biggest exchanges in the Netherlands, this will give us the opportunity to develop an integrated wallet on our site in 2018. CTS will be sent to Cryptoscene and in return your cryptocurrency of choice gets deposited.


Follow courses designed by experienced users in the crypto scene, and us ofcourse. Alot of courses will be offered for free, but in-depth courses by professionals will be funded with our money. These courses will be available for a small amount of CTS.


Cryptoscene is still being developed and is actively finding solutions to problems that newcomers to the crypto scene find along the way. Any service we can provide, that will not put significant pressure on sustaining the creation of new magazines, will be seriously considered.

"The core of Cryptoscene is to guide newcomers and share valuable news and with the community we envision to create, whilst giving back to said community. New tech takes a while to be adapted, but sometimes all that's needed is a little push."
J. Willems
CEO of

Voting system will go live after 10+ submissions

Votes are taken into consideration as to choosing the winner.

Register and upload your animation for the whole Cryptoscene community to see.

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