Prior to our SCENE tokens, 10.000.000 CTS tokens were made to build the Cryptoscene enterprise on. But later it was discovered an error had been made when these tokens were created. The only way to solve this was to create another token and destroy the old ones. But instead of burning all of these tokens, it was decided to keep 100 CTS alive as a trophy for difficult bounties, bug reports and big contributions.

CTS tokens currently available
99/100 94%

Cryptoscene has valued 1 CTS as 50 SCENE and will instantly swap these when requested. All 1 year subscribers will receive one CTS trophy token until the cap is reached. Remember, these 100 tokens will not be coming to any exchange – for now- and will all be in the hands of early investors and contributors. Having one of these could be better than having an actual trophy.

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