: From FUD to FIOD?

Miniera, the start-up cryptocurrency mining business allegedly located in the former biggest coal mine of the Netherlands in Geleen, seems to be collapsing. Co-founder Christian Petermann has been arrested in his home on May 16th by the FIOD for forgery and tax fraud. This was verified and published by a credible local news source of the province Limburg in the Netherlands. Though it’s unlikely that the tax fraud relates to Miniera leaving the project unharmed, but we think it’s time someone covered this subject. As of right now Christian is removed from their updated website.

Last summer Christian started to become active in the world of Cryptocurrencies and left his job as a member of the Council in Heerlen because he could not combine the two.

Christian Petermann does not have the best reputation you could wish for as a co-founder of a multimillion-dollar ICO, questions quickly arose with some curious members from the Neblio community¹, a few weeks before his arrest.

*Neblio is the blockchain platform on which Miniera has launched its own tokens ‘MMC’. 125.000.000 tokens were created of which 50.000.000 are aimed to be sold between May 1st and May 31st for 1.50€ each totaling 75.000.000€ in funds if this target is reached. (

A few things already didn’t seem to add up. Recently we came in contact with Carl in Miniera’s official Telegram channel, he was planning to invest but was still unsure. As we were evenly curious to check out more about Miniera we continue in private chat and research the team a bit to see what it’s about. We quickly found out some concerning facts about Christian Petermann, Co-founder of the project.

The first thing we found out was that Christian has no shame in promoting Ponzi schemes  If you check out this link you’ll find an article posted by Christian himself asking people to put 100$ into the Ponzi and stating multi-layered marketing is of no harm. Christian was deeply involved in the promotion of Bitconnect (Some of the team members allegedly still are) as can be seen in this video from just a few months ago. He doesn’t seem to have learned from the fall of Bitconnect as he currently promotes Dekado, a similar well-known scam.



Now this on itself shouldn’t conclude that Miniera is a scam, but it certainly shows the incompetence of Petermann to be involved in such a project. Partially because of a (unrelated to the project) tweet in which he compared a prosecutor in the Van Rey case with a Nazi camp executioner. His lawyer is – and has been Serge Weening, known within the Netherlands as the representative of murderers and drug dealers caught redhanded.

Unfortunately, the commercial that Serge Weening‘s firm put out has been taken down, but here’s a brief description:


‘While a drug dealer with a business card from Weening has just put a line of cocaine – the packets of hard drugs are on the table – a special unit of police rushes in. However, the agents can not do anything because of this ‘wrongful action’. ‘The key to freedom’ of the clients is quickly confiscated by namesake Serge Weening and other lawyers of the firm, who previously acted in, among other things, notorious cases such as the Geleen carnival murder and last year assisted a group of Arnhem jihadists.’ –


Alright, so Christian is bad news. But the rest of the project should be alright – we hoped.
Well, after another person that recently invested (doubtful of Miniera’s intentions) joined the conversation with us on Telegram, we decided to investigate other information about the project and make it more thoroughly. Needless to say what we found was concerning. And not all information will be disclosed, but we hope this gives you enough insights to make up your own decision about what’s going on here.

So their whole project basically revolves around being located on an old coal mine site. We informed with the owners of the property (wishes to remain undisclosed for obvious reasons) and they had never heard of the company Miniera, and it’s all rented out to medical company and marketing firms, so it would make no sense. Though after facing the team members with the facts they suddenly told us the actual address was actually  Nr. 2, and not Nr. 3. Very odd as we’ve never come across a reference to mijnweg nr. 2 from Miniera. So considering they speak the truth, we would have to believe Richard Paes, part of Paes Real Estate, is the owner of the former coal mining site ‘Maurits’. But we have not found conclusive evidence or records to support this claim.



Board members

The two members of the chat have also taken a look at the Whitepaper and checked out some of the board members. One was particularly interesting as he’s also listed on the main page of Miniera’s updated page, and seems to share the same interests in Ponzi’s as Christian. He’s called Aniefiok Akpanenyin and is easily traced back to Bitconnect activities on his site Others seem to have no record of history relevant to their current work, and some have multiple LinkedIn accounts. One mentioning Miniera, another one not. Furthermore, Karl Coelho, listed on there but with no image remains unresponsive and doesn’t seem to show any sign of actually cooperating with Miniera.




As far as the whitepaper goes, there’s been one particular thing we found that could be of concern; the designs of the Miniera’s Hot alley Cooling technique. First of all, it’s a display of a Cold alley cooling technique as explained by R. Witteman, the original designer of the visuals as you can see in the video below. We have had contact with him and he confirmed to have no knowledge of the Miniera project.



Petermann discloses total investments thus far


At this point, we stopped researching and concluded our findings. We would like to share this knowledge and warn everyone: Do your own research! Not everybody in the crypto scene will always have its best interests with you, so always be on the look-out and don’t be afraid to question certain things and ask these questions to the right people. It seems like the project has raised over 1.6 million euros already if we should believe Christian. Currently, these funds are held by the Hodler Company as stated by Nayiem Willems, that is said to supply their mining rigs and help with the tech-side of it. This means either Miniera’s team has no knowledge of how to create a cryptocurrency and maintain it or simply wishes to outsource it. But why would a mining company want to be so incredibly dependant on someone else? We’ll leave the drawing of a conclusion up to you. Atleast we’re hopeful that they don’t have direct access to the funds. Though, the wallet TX was never made public. So we could not confirm this.
Invest wisely.

Update May 22nd, 2018; Website has been put offline and Hodler Company decided to take over the project and rebrand it, new CEO is Nayiem Willems whom was closely engaged with the Miniera project and had them as a client. No statements released from other team members.

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