Consensus 2018 visitors have more than tripled vs. 2017’s event

The 3-day Consensus event of 2018 started on May 14th to discuss everything about blockchain and cryptocurrency. The event is hosted by CoinDesk and has New York Economic Development Corporation as a co-host this time. Already this event seems to be even more interesting than last years’. And with the incredible crowd, unfortunately also came some logistical issues that one might expect. Yet many investors are anticipating news from several top 100 coins and are hoping for a positive shift in the market, an event that can’t be missed.

One thing is a certainty, Coindesk has no reason to stop hosting these events as interest keeps rising rapidly and people are even reported to be in line for over an hour. At about $2,000 per ticket with a confirmed 8,500 attendees (triple the amount of attendees they had attracted in May last year) CoinDesk’s Consensus conference on bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology has gathered at least $17 million in ticket sales alone this year.



While investors, experts, and crypto enthusiasts gather inside, there’s something odd going on outside. “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Bitcoin has to go!” and other hilarious chants are coming from a group of what seems to be angry bankers holding provocative signs at first, but ‘unfortunately’ it’s staged by the “Bankers Against Bitcoin” movement. They want to give a taste of the future, and we think this was a very lucrative way to do so.


“This protest is representative of what will happen to those industries and companies that fail to understand times have changed. Legacy industries that have gone unchallenged for decades will soon begin to see their monopoly slip away. The consumer abuse that’s been possible due to a lack of competition is over. The biggest competitor big banks have ever faced has arrived, and it’s not a company or organization, it’s a decentralized technology.”



Retrospecting the effect of last year’s Consensus event, it certainly had a huge influence on the cryptocurrency market. The event of 2017 resulted in the gain of 26 percent in the total market cap in comparison to 2016’s small 2.7 percent. On the evening of the event, the bitcoin price surged to $2,000 and triggered the bull run of June.

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