Neblio partners with micro-investing platform Cred

Cred, the first ever micro-investing platform for cryptocurrency, recently announced it has joined Science Inc., the startup development and investment firm that has funded or founded more than 85 companies and has had $1.3B in aggregate portfolio company exits, as its newest portfolio company.

The vision the Science Blockchain holds correlates closely with Neblio’s. They are in the process of creating an environment that will help entrepreneurs develop their ideas into an actual project by supplying them with the necessities. Cred, which will launch in the coming months, provides the everyday novice investor a simple way to start buying cryptocurrency, without going through the effort of opening up exchanges.

Cred will round up its users’ everyday purchases or simply set up a recurring deposit. Cred lets you invest automatically without thinking about it, which makes it all the more fun to play around with for newcomers in the crypto scene. It also functions as a fiat to crypto gateway, which is always a very welcome feature for the community as a whole.

We’re proud to say that one of the currencies they will be supporting is going to be Neblio. We utilize Neblio’s NTP1 protocol ourselves and are glad to see the benefits and high usability of Neblio is getting more and more noticed.

Currently Cred offers a variety of cryptocurrency investment options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and ZenCash as well as tokens such as Worldwide Asset eXchange’s WAX and Neblio’s NEBL. The app teaches investors what each token does and shares its history and relevance in the industry.

By combining an easy to use platform like Neblio in cooperation with a consumer-friendly app that introduces people to cryptocurrency in a friendly manner, could make the step to participate in the crypto scene a lot smaller. The thing that excited us the most, besides the initiative itself, was the fact that they’ll actually explain what each coin is about. Of course, it will remain a waiting game to see how they will go about doing so, but after reading up on the project it looks like it will be constructed as simple and informative.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Science Inc., which has a stellar track record building and growing consumer-friendly apps,” said Brendon McQueen, Founder & CEO of Cred. “By partnering with the Science team, we get access to their incredible customer acquisition skills and experience building household brands such as Dollar Shave Club. We’re excited to be building our business alongside them.”

We will be keeping a close eye on the project and its development and hopefully, we’ll soon be able to share more insights as we seek contact with the founder of Cred to answer some questions that arose within the Neblio community. For now, we think it is safe to say that this partnership will be great for the future of both parties involved. Neblio will be easier to obtain for the laymen and has proven its worth alongside some well known cryptocurrencies.

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