The offline crypto magazine & online learning platform hybrid

Cryptoscene will create an offline magazine that will introduce and inspire newcomers into the world of cryptocurrencies. Users of Cryptoscene’s online platform will be able to see news and informative content based on their experience in the crypto environment. You will be able to unlock more voting rights and improve by completing tasks and courses. Writers and content creators will be able to deliver content and be rewarded accordingly based on how the readers rank and categorize it.


How to manage your portfolio

So you’ve gotten yourself emerged in the crypto scene, huh? You might be wondering how to construct your portfolio well enough to be able to sleep like a baby. You’ve probably heard it before, but we’ll say it again. Invest what you can lose

Storing $10B crypto in an underground safe

If a lot of money is at stake, like businesses that conduct a business and therefore have to hold a lot of bitcoins or other coins for that matter, you’ll certainly need to consider a highly secure environment for them. Most people would instantly think “Ah, a hardware wallet, done deal”, but what if you are holding over a billion worth of crypto?

Consensus 2018 visitors have more than tripled

The 3-day Consensus event of 2018 started on May 14th to discuss everything about blockchain and cryptocurrency. The event is hosted by CoinDesk and has New York Economic Development Corporation as a co-host this time. Already this event seems to be even more interesting than last years’.

Advanced attention economy

In laymen’s terms this means that the content that will be displayed is targeted specifically at different types of users. We will be starting with 3 layers of users that will each be shown a different set of content > NoviceIntermediate and Advanced. To be categorized as such you will need to fill in a form at registration. Don’t worry though, at any given time a user would be able to switch between categories when they feel they are ready to dive into more technicalities, or they could progress more naturally, by reading articles and completing courses.

More information can be found in an elaborate article on Medium.

  • Consumer determines the content value
  • Different users have different attention values
  • Great content should be rewarded

What you can do with SCENE

1. Become a member

With SCENE you can get a hold of a membership for our soon to be produced magazine. Note that in the early stages of Cryptoscene we will only be sending out PDF's to people outside of the Netherlands instead of the actual magazine.

2. Follow courses

Follow courses designed by experienced users in the crypto scene, and us ofcourse. Alot of courses will be offered for free, but in-depth courses by professionals will be funded with our money. These courses will be available for a small amount of SCENE.

3. Go on a shopping spree

We might not have anything in stock right now, but that will change once our SCENE token launches on the market. We aim to offer mining and storage equipment in collaboration with a dutch provider. We will also be releasing some flashy merchandise and provide other businesses that accept crypto currencies.

4. Voting power

Your opinion matters. And that's why SCENE holders get to vote on. A vote for content is based on who you think the audience is for the content and in what degree it seems fit for said audience. Voting consistently will make you eligible for rewards. And authors that get good ratings do as well.

5. Reserve advertising space

Businesses and entrepreneurs can request advertisement space in the magazine. We will scout for certain content that goes hand in hand with out vision and mission. But along with the main content, other slightly more commercial listings could be integrated.

6. Go to events

Starting in the Netherlands, we want to pick up organizing social events about cryptocurrencies. We have some experience with Business owner meetups and even some crypto related events, but with a dedicated magazine about crypto, there will be room for more in depth tutoring.

Cryptoscene token cycle visualisation

A healthy economical cycle

A certain level of currency movement is needed in a ‘healthy’ economy. Here we display how the SCENE tokens will be utilized everytime a new magazine is released. Businesses and consumers will be able to utilize SCENE tokens for multiple purposes including but not exclusively; advertise, follow courses and purchase the magazine. To fill a magazine of 36 pages an approximate amount of 360.000 SCENE would be earned. Though a lot of these tokens will immediately be spent again to reward the bounty hunters that create and participate in the Cryptoscene. This constant flow of funds will make SCENE a designated token to the Cryptoscene project and its supporters, but also leave room for speculation and growth of the currency.

Cryptoscene’s main focus will be the magazine and its mobile application. The mobile app is where the magic happens. When a user opens the application the user is given the option to proceed as a guest or register/login with mobile verification. Verified users can work with us as an author to create articles for different audiences, effectively earning themselves Cryptoscene’s designated token: SCENE. These tokens could then be used for a variety of things including merch and the purchase of our magazine, but these tokens will also function as voting power to categorize and/or up-vote articles of registered authors.

Users who vote actively on the mobile app and hold enough tokens in their wallet to have voting power will be eligible for randomized token pay-outs based on Cryptoscene’s monthly revenue.

When entering the application an user will be given the option to select what content they prefer to see and how they would like to see it. Based on the articles the user upvotes or downvotes the application will suggest new content made either by Cryptoscene or by registered authors. The highest ranked articles in each category have a shot at being published on the website or even in the offline magazine, which if selected would slightly increase the author’s bounty. So a vote could mean a lot to an author for Cryptoscene. 

Details & ROADMAP

The roadmap is built  with the vision of making Cryptoscene accessible as soon as possible. Firstly, to promptly generate user feedback and secondly, to initiate cash flow for a MVP. A more extensive roadmap can be found in our whitepaper.

Even though it looks rather grim sometimes, we discovered there is a large segment of the population that prefers a magazine that they can hold in their hands, take into the bathroom in the morning, stretch out on the bed with, read on long trips, things like that. It’s a morning ritual for a lot of people to pick up a newspaper or magazine and sit down with a cup of coffee and catch up on the news. Booting up a computer, even a laptop, cannot replace that feeling. We really hope that the press doesn’t succumb to the economic pressure of putting things out in print versus online. A lot of people would be lost if this happened. By merging the blockchain with something as traditional like a piece of paper (via automated orders and managed distribution) we want to show the broad uses of the blockchain, as well as make the transitioning to online as easy as we can.

Imagine this: Cryptoscene confers proportionate voting rights, and other membership privileges, proportionately to the amount of tokens owned, provided that said token owners contribute to the community. In this case, where a customized token is integral to the project, if Cryptoscene handles the initial funding with another token – such as Bitcoin or Ethereum – it would just need to turn around and sell their own token in a separate offering of some kind.

Also, when people invest in a Utility token project, they’re supporting that specific project, and anticipating that the value of the project will increase in value over time, therefore giving an applicable return on investment, thanks to that support. If the given project was funded via Ethereum or Bitcoin, the return on investment would be tied to the performance of those cryptocurrencies, and not the project being funded.

Cryptoscene has thought long and hard about initiating a TGE¹ or not. Eventually it was chosen to be the best option for this project given the fact that users will be rewarded for content creation, it wouldn’t make sense to reward the community with a token that was not tied directly to our project and its future products.

¹ TGE = Token generation event

Well, besides the fact that it will be printed, we aim to provide users with content that they need and want. Besides the structure we offer in our magazine for a slow ascend to becoming a crypto prophet, we will also remain unbiased and not give financial advise like a lot of online crypto magazines do. We will offer every help needed for our readers to evaluate the validity of a project, but we think that investing in high and low risk projects should be something private and not something a company should promote. We think the fact that Cryptoscene’s content is picked, and in some cases even created by its community, makes us one of the strongest upcoming competitors in the scene.

In order to participate in the crowdsale you should first create a receiving address on – then fill out the form on our crowdsale page.



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